The Game Bakers Brings Updated Versions of Squids and Squids Wild West Games

There is a good news for the fans of Squids game! The Game Bakers, creators of two well-known role playing games Squids, and Squids Wild West, have recently released an updated versions of these two games which were popular last year. The updated versions brings new missions and some other extras.

Squids App

Squids version 1.8.1 consists of a newly developed map with 2 new missions, and also a new kind of Squid character. You can unlock the Magnus, a historic Gladiator from Thalas arenas.

The update consists of The Ballad of Clint and Sammo’s first part. This is a mini comic book which is just a flavor of actually what you get with Squids Comics app. Just discover what happened when Sammo cross the paths with evil Clint.

Squids Wild West game of the version 1.3.2 consists of a newly developed mission which can be played in the Promode, and also consists of The Ballad of Clint and Sammo’s second part.

Squids Wild West App

Squids fans, check out for the Squids Comics app! First issue can be downloaded for free, whereas for the rest you need to pay $0.99. At present there are 3 issues with more expected.

You can grab Squids and its sequel Squids Wild West apps for $1.99 each.

Download link for Squids in iTunes:

Download link for Squids Wild West in iTunes:

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