The Game ‘Knights And Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince’ Releases on Your iOS

There is an announcement from GREE about the launch of ‘Knights and Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince’, a game for iPad, iPod touch touch and iPhone. This game is a new version which is of no charge. The knights and dragons game directs the game participants on the medieval adventure to a marvelous kingdom. This is available in the App Store for no charge.

dark knights 1
In this game, the players should secure their kingdom and should give justice to the state by performing war with the monsters who are causing havoc situations. Players can choose advantageous shield depending upon the elemental attributes like earth, fire, air, water and spirit and select the most excellent knights from buddy’s kingdoms, providing control on the war consequences and an exciting strategy level. When the knights get success, they unlock additional heroes to include in their court and gather beneficial materials to craft fresh armour.

dark knights 2

This game provides a robust suite for social features, including the buddies who perform war in weekly participant-versus-participant tournaments, hiring buddy’s knights to utilize in the war, accessing the leaderboards, and looking the profiles of the players and including them as buddies. Players can know the accomplishments of their game and can also send invites to the other users. This game is free and available in the App Store of iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, and you will be updated with all new releases from GREE by Electronic Theatre.

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