The Moron Test App Review

It is a test game developed by DistinctDev, Inc. If you like a fast-paced and the attention demanding challenging levels, you can go for this game. This game consists of fun and challenging levels which can grab your attention.

The Moron Test

The game consists of 6 sections like food fight, late registration, skip day, old school, tricky treat and winter break. These sections consist of several, different fun-filled puzzles. You are provided with simple queries or tasks in every level. Mainly the puzzles are asked related to calculations, memory tests, finding out, and matching. This game doesn’t require any specialized skills, you just need some patience and creative thinking, that’s all!

The Moron Test App

As you play the game, the difficulty in the levels increases to turn the game into more challenging. The game consists of a 7 levels of ranking system. Based on the number of correct answers and mistakes you make, you are provided with one of the 7 rankings.

This game tests your memory, reaction time and your ability. You have 4 restarts from the previous checkpoint before you are sent to the beginning of the game. After you complete a task or puzzle, you can move on to the next one. The game thinks that you are a moron, complete all the levels with your skills and change its mind!

The Moron Test Review

You will find various funny and different characters here. The game consists of a decent music and good soundtrack. The gameplay is very simple and addicting. Mostly kids love to play this game. This game also consists of online achievements and leaderboards. On the whole, this is a good fun-filled game.

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