Thoroughly Improved Zite Magazine iOS app Includes Numerous Categories

Zite, which is a very popular iOS magazine app, just announced a thoroughly redesigned update which allows the users to rate the stories, link to Facebook to attain automatic subject matter suggestions, organize subscriptions, and explore and find out some article topics from more than 40,000 categories.

Zite is an app which of no charge and delivers the stories to the iPad or iPhone from the web depending upon your personal interests. The more you get to utilize this app, the more this app gets to know about which kind of stories you like and dislike. Now the Zite’s 2.0 update adds an enormous expanded list of topics and categories to search and choose from.

Zite provides the users with choosing ‘Zite Picks’, ranging from Science News, Crafts, Movies, and many more to Entrepreneurship. Each chosen categories results in some of the daily stories that are shown magazine-style on your iOS device.

Every subscribed story will be listed in a sidebar, and in the latest version you can rapidly delete, edit and also rearrange the categories order. The stories are displayed in the reader fashion without any ads and other elements of webpage. The app even permits you to include more than a single account, which will be very useful when you share your iPad with other users.

As you browse and read the stories in Zite, you can even vote them, which absolutely aids Zite to determine what kind of sources and stories it presents to your app in the future. Chosen story links can be shared on Twitter, Instapaper, Facebook, Evernote, and also through SMS.

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