Tiempo time tracking app introduced for iOS, Android and web

Tiempo is the name given to the latest app that has made its entry onto the iOS and Android platforms.  This latest app is time tracking software which can also work on the web and helps individuals and companies to track employee hours.

Tiempo app

Tiempo is an app which lets users log in hours and sends in their time to their managers to seek approval.  Once the invoice is approved, it can be paid and is received by the employees in less than 3 days.  This is an app which enables employees to focus on their work rather than worrying about what they shall be paid.  Paper based time tracking methods are very time consuming and confusing and hence this app comes to the rescue of employers and proved highly beneficial.

Tiempo stores the customer or user information and enables a sign in process.  This app is partnered with QuickBooks Online to track and maintain a record of the documentation so that it can be used for the accounting process.  The integrated services can cost you $10 and the company takes 1 percent of the transaction fee for invoicing.  The overall cost that goes to the company is 3.9 percent after adding the cost of Stripe to process the payments.

Tiempo Download for iOS App (free)

Tiempo Download for Android App (free)

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