New app Tiiny enables sharing of photos which disappear in 24 hours

A mobile development house North headed by Kevin Rose has come out with the launch of a new app whichb is called Tiiny. This new app lets users share thumbnail sized photos as well as animated GIFs with your friends but these pictures disappear within 24 hours.

Tiiny app

Tiiny shares these pictures to a grid of pics on the phones of your friends. What is different about this app is that this app doesn’t make your scroll down through full width images like in the case of Instagram but enables you to view the constantly updated view at what your friends are up to, just in a single look. This app is still in the process of iOS app store approval and will be launched on it very soon.

Tiiny is a slick app which also has button to capture photos and share them as well, both of which are present on the bottom.  The app has moving images which makes it very vibrant and feel alive.  This could actually turn into a very addictive app for photo sharing lovers as compared to static platforms like Vine and Instagram.  Let’s wait and watch how it actually fairs when launched.


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