ToDoMovies – an iOS App updated to version 2.0

To Do movies, a perfect App for iOS users has got updated to version 2.0. It was released in the month of June, 2012 and updated twice by adding few new features.

On getting updated for the first time, it has included the ability to tap on a poster and save a copy of it for future purpose and the second update has added some new bonus scenes icon.

TodoMovies iOS App

This latest update will allow the TodoMovies users to browse and search for their favourite movies by release date or by specific genre. It even includes an universal rating apart from the ratings given by few movie rating agencies such as Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix and TMDB.

The App assists users by providing different movie photo galleries, release notifications, watchlists and supports iCloud Syncing, iTunes store integration.

TodoMovies iPhone App


  • All localized posters gets displayed on the screen
  • On cellular networks, users can either set or choose the quality of trailer playback
  • Detailed list of movies streamed by the user will be displayed in lists view
  • Provides different social share buttons in the settings menu
  • Enhanced scrolling performance
  • Improvements made to the App’s users interface to make it more intuitive
  • With iCloud syncing, users can sync all their watchlists across their iOS devices

Grab this stunning iOS App by visiting iTunes App store.

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