Todoist iOS App Redesigned to Enhance Productivity and Save Time

Todoist for iOS is among the most popular to-do-list apps you should be having on your iPhone device. Todoist developers have updated the app to enhance productivity as well as saving time for task management. The new update eliminates the need to type an item and tapping few menus to assign a due date for the projects. Instead, the app will input the date for you from a single tap and make sure that the timing appears on the right project time underway.


Users can now be able to assign a start and end date to their tasks. You can even customize your Todoist iOS app using the color theme feature if you want the app to be a bit more personalized. The ability to edit multiple items at once is a great feature included in the new app, as it saves one the time they would otherwise spend editing each task item.

The new Todoist for iOS is a result of developers’ continuous research on the interaction of users with the app to determine how they would make the necessary changes to improve the app, the main objective being to save time, increase efficiency and enhance productively for the users. You can download the app from iOS App Store using the link below.

Todoist Download for iOS

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