Top 25 Family Game Apps for iPhone

Nothing beats the pleasure of gaming with one’s family, and your iPhone can quickly turn into a gaming arena for the family, provided you have some of these stunning family game apps.

Flow Free

Flow Free - iPhone Family Game App

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Highly addictive game where you match colored dots in a grid. Match up all the colors and cover the entire board to solve the puzzle. Avoid overlapping or crossing lines, as they will break the pipes. With hundreds of levels with ten different board sizes, Flow Free is sure to keep you and your family entertained for hours.

Family Feud® & Friends

Family Feud® & Friends - iPhone Family Game App

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For the ultimate social gaming experience on your iPhone, Family Feud & Friends is the best choice. Answer thousands of questions while challenging your Facebook friends and other Family Feud & Friends players. With authentic theme music, retina display, and predictive type input, challenge everyone and enjoy.

Design This Home

Design This Home - iPhone Family Game App

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If you feel like building, designing and decorating your dream home, then get App Mini’s Design This Home app. Chose from different styles like modern, country, Asian, Victorian, etc., and decorate it with selections from over 700 different items. Make your home as stylish as possible and share with friends and family.

Hay Day

Hay Day - iPhone Family Game App

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If you are a nature person and like experiencing a peaceful life working your land and rearing animals, then get Hay Day. It is completely free to play with smooth gestural controls, which are lovingly hand crafted for your iPhone. Build bakeries, dairies and sugar mills and trade with friends for a more wholesome experience.

Jurassic Park™ Builder

Jurassic Park™ Builder - iPhone Family Game App

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If you liked the Jurassic Park movies, then you will love the Jurassic Park Builder app for your iPhone. Build your own Jurassic Park from the ground up. Nurture and grow dinosaurs of 34 different species by collecting relevant DNA. Enjoy live multiplayer gameplay with Facebook friends in stunning 3d visual and audio effects.

Smurfs’ Village

Smurfs' Village - iPhone Family Game App

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If you like mushrooms and cute little blue people, then get the Smurf’s Village app for your iPhone. Start with a single plot of land and a single mushroom and rapidly expand it into a huge village. Play all your favorite Smurf characters, enjoy many mini games, and also send gifts to Facebook friends.

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower - iPhone Family Game App

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Dream big and build your very own tower while managing tiny citizens and businesses on your iPhone by getting the Tiny Tower app. Build different types of floors, businesses and hold special events to get VIP visitors while raising your tower to the clouds. Earn awards and compete with friends to maximize the gameplay experience.

Panda Jam

Panda Jam - iPhone Family Game App

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Save the cute little panda baby and return it to its Mama Panda in Panda Jam for your iPhone. Play through a variety of scenarios with 15 unique islands. Explosive power-ups and strategic brick blasting and sweet strawberries will make sure you have an amazing adventure. Get cross-platform sync anywhere you play and team up with friends to earn more rewards.

Pudding Monsters

Pudding Monsters - iPhone Family Game App

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Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addictive adventure game with a puzzle theme. The wacky characters and innovative gameplay will sure keep you enthralled for hours. Help save the pudding monsters save their friends from the cold hearted fridge owner.

Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs - iPhone Family Game App

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The Pocket Frogs app for your iPhone helps you to create your very own frog habitat. With over 35,000 different types of frogs to choose from and more than 60 awards to win, customize and decorate each habitat to your imagination. Constantly updated items, rewards and discoveries to keep you engrossed for hours.

Tree World

Tree World - iPhone Family Game App

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Tree World is a build-up game app for your iPhone. Build and grow your tree as high as the sky and beyond. Fill it with over 140 different creatures with crazy names like Caterpillow and Nautilus. Trade with friends, defeat evil kings, customize and grow your tree and collect all the awards.

The Tribez

The Tribez - iPhone Family Game App

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Amazing graphics down to minute details, stunning sounds, and tons of objects, characters, buildings and decorations make The Tribez  app for iPhones an adventure where you travel to the distant past. Solve mysteries, secrets and discover a beautiful, unknown world and lead your people to prosperity.

Hidden Objects: Blackwood and Bell

Hidden Objects: Blackwood and Bell - iPhone Family Game App

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Put your amazing detective skills to the test. Crack tough cases by playing this hidden objects game app called Hidden Objects: Blackwood and Bell. Search for special clues, preserve evidence and challenge your friends in your own version of Scotland Yard. This game also features exotic locations from across the globe.

Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 - iPhone Family Game App

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Highly varied and unpredictable gameplay makes Virtual Families 2 a great app for your iPhone. Adopt a little person and start a family. It has won many awards for being the best simulation game. Restore your house, fix rooms, train your little people and pass the house on to the next generation. Connect with friends and enjoy countless hours of gameplay.


Bejeweled - iPhone Family Game App

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Play the No.1 puzzle game in the world on your iPhone. Bejeweled provides oodles of fun for many hours with 5 unique and breath taking game play modes. Test your gem swapping skills against time or friends. It is one of the most addictive games and you can soar to new rankings on the leader board.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope - iPhone Family Game App

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This app took the world by surprise and became a phenomenal success with over 250 million downloads worldwide. With more than 350 levels, innovative and tricky solutions, outstanding graphics and adorable character, this game won many awards and accolades. Get Cut the Rope now and enjoy many hours of game play.


Mahjong!! - iPhone Family Game App

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The whole point of Mahjong!! is to match the tiles into pairs and remove them. With over 25 different background pictures and great graphics, Mahjong!! will definitely keep you hooked to your iPhone.

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? - iPhone Family Game App

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Where’s My Water is a challenging physics based puzzle with awesome mechanics. Help Swampy the alligator take a shower by guiding water to his pipes. 500 highly challenging scenarios, collectibles, challenges, and bonus levels will keep you entertained for many hours.


Bombcats - iPhone Family Game App

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Play Bombcats on your iPhone and enjoy over 190 levels with 42 goals. Fling 7 different cute but volatile felines and help them rescue their kidnapped friends. Each of the seven has its own distinct skills from wall gripping to ground crushing. Unlock power-ups, boosts, and also customize your kitty to make a fashion statement.

Little Dentist – kids games

Little Dentist - kids games - iPhone Family Game App

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We all hate to go to the dentist. But what if the tables are turned and you could be the dentist. Now that is fun. Get the Little Dentist app for your iPhone and enjoy being on the other side of the drill and mirror. If you are looking to pass the time, then Little Dentist is the app to keep you occupied for hours.

Disney Where’s My Valentine?

Disney Where’s My Valentine? - iPhone Family Game App

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With over 250 different levels and 3 brand new levels each week, Disney’s Where’s My Valentine game app is a great way to pass time on your iPhone. Use fans, balloons, toxic water, bombs and algae to solve puzzles. Also enjoy over 120 spy themed levels with Agent P.

Flow Free: Bridges

Flow Free: Bridges - iPhone Family Game App

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From the makers of the hit game Flow Free, comes another revamped version, Flow Free Bridge. Here solve the puzzle by matching the colored dots and connecting them with pipes. Avoid overlapping but use the new Bridges to go across already laid pipes. Over 700 levels will ensure many hours of engrossed puzzle solving.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol

Skylanders Cloud Patrol - iPhone Family Game App

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Skylanders Cloud Patrol is an action adventure game app for your iPhone. Tap and slide to shoot and knock out enemies to make your way through the skies in your flying machines. Score high combos, unlock more Skylanders and use tons of magic boosts to dominate the leader boards.

Egg Baby

Egg Baby - iPhone Family Game App

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If you like to own a pet without all the hassles of actually taking care of it, then Egg Baby is the perfect app for you. Adopt from a variety of cute egg types and take care of it till it hatches into one of 6 unique creatures. Have your own virtual pet with you always and create your own group of virtual pets.

Cut the Rope Free

Cut the Rope Free - iPhone Family Game App

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