Top 5 Bass Booster Apps for iPhone

Genres like trance and techno are nothing without bass, as the whole genre revolves around it. This shows us how important it is for music. Here are few apps that will enhance your mobile sound clarity and give you the real thump of bass.

Bass Boost

It completely focuses on bass and very less on other effects.  Bass booster is a perfect app for people who love hip-hop and techno. You can get that dynamic effect of sound with the help of this app.

You can control the gain level of any particular effect you want to. This app is developed by Eclips and you can purchase this app on app store for 1.99$.

Bass Boost

Download Bass Boost App for $1.99

SuperLoud Standard – Amazing Quality Equalizer

SuperLoud standard is an outstanding equalizer app for iPhone. This app is packed with features like 10 band graphic equalizer, noise reduction, spectrum analyzer, spline frequency band, Bluetooth controller operable automatic pause, air play output operable, show Album Art, spectrum Analyzer, silence detection, gapless playback, sleep Timer, adjust Left and Right Volume, automatic pause/playback then ringing, automatic pause/playback then Headset Plug out, background Playback and 18 different color themes. It’s for 4.99$ on app store.

SuperLoud Standard - Amazing Quality Equalizer

Download SuperLoud Standard – Amazing Quality Equalizer App for $4.99

SonicMax Pro

BEE Sound, inc are the developers of this app. BEE is known for its remarkable contribution to the sound industry. They have made some of the finest sound products in the world.

Now they are giving us a chance to experience sound in a whole new way.  It is rated as one of the best sound apps. It supports almost all of the sound formats. You can download this app from app store for 2.99$.

SonicMax Pro

Download SonicMax Pro App for $2.99


This app lets you play music directly from your playlist. You don’t have to sync the music every time like other apps. It has over 10 presets, bass and treble boosters and unique features that help you adjust EQ separately for left and right ear. Audioforge labs Inc are the developer of this app. You can purchase this app for 2.99$ on app store.


Download Equalizer App for $2.99

KaiserTone – Audio Player

This app has amazing amplifying ability that lets you enjoy the music to the fullest.  It’s packed with mind blowing features like cross fading, 30 band graphic equalizer, 24 color themes, 4 modes of continues playing and automatic pause. It’s developed by cyberfort LLC and you can buy it for 5.99$  on play store.

KaiserTone - Audio Player

Download KaiserTone – Audio Player App for $5.99

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