Top 5 Self Defense Apps for iPhone

It’s very important for you to know how to defend yourself in a fight or an attack that you are not aware. Going out of the house is not that safe these days, as the rate of attacks on women are increasing rapidly all around the world.

It is very important you to be prepared and handle yourself in such situations to avoid danger. It might be hard to go out pay and train yourself, as everybody is busy with work and studies.

These apps will make it easy for you to understand and apply the defensive techniques.

Live To Tell About It

This app is taught by 7 Time World Karate Champion Johnny Gyro and 5th Degree Black Belt Noel Gyro. She was attacked twice and she successfully got out of danger, right after that she has decided to teach everywoman how to defend themselves.

She made this to help them learn every move possible to save themselves from situations like kidnapping and molesting.  Women around the world have found it to be very useful. You can download this app on app store for free.

Live To Tell About It

Download Free Live To Tell About It App

Bully 911

This app is exclusively for kids who get bullied in their school and around their streets. This is another app by Johnny Gyro and Noel Gyro. It has every method step by step to make a kid understand how to carry himself on such a difficult situation.

If kids get bullied it will affect their confidence and they will end up living in fear. This app will help them gain confidence to face the issue and solve it. Bully 911 can be downloaded from app store.

Bully 911

Download Free Bully 911 App

Self Defense Trainer – How to Fight Bullying

This is another powerful app, as it teaches you how to protect yourself from dangerous attacks. It helps you build a strong soul and give you enough confidence to face danger.

It has videos to help you train step by step and make sure you understand the moves perfectly. Self defense trainer teaches you the military level jujitsu. You can download this app from app store, it’s for free.

Self Defense Trainer - How to Fight Bullying

Download Free Self Defense Trainer – How to Fight Bullying App


This app teaches the martial arts form called Siu Lim Tao. If you master this you will not only be a fighter but you will also be able to protect yourself from attacks on streets.

This app has helped a lot of martial arts students in their fighting tournaments all around the world. It has close to 90 high quality videos to make you understand every move properly and that will also help you in understanding the right body posture.


Download Wing Chun COMPLETE App for $19.99

Jiu Streetsu

This app offers more than 62 techniques against front, rear, knife and gun attacks.  It provides the photos of every move to make you understand better. A lot of people find it to be useful.

It also has the videos that demonstrate the moves for you so that you can excel in them. You can download this app for free on app store.

Jiu Streetsu

Download Free  Jiu Streetsu App 

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