Top 5 Stretching Apps for iPhone

Exercising on regular basis makes you feel better and even helps in losing weight. You must do stretching in a perfect way so that you can prevent injuries during your workout sessions. There are right and wrong ways to stretch your body. The best stretching apps gives an idea to stretch your body and handle tough workout sessions.

Performance Stretching

Performance Stretching, this app was developed by lolo. What you know about stretching is wrong but this app helps in doing it right. You might have learned in the elementary school that doing static stretching before running or engaging in sports will prevent injury.

It turns out as static stretching before workout decreases performance of athletic and increases the risk of injury. The best way to get intense workout is by doing dynamic stretching.

This active form will move muscles through full motion to increase blood flow, reduce tightness, deliver vital nutrients to muscles and enhance athletic performance.

Performance Stretching

Download Performance Stretching App for $2.99

Yoga with Janet Stone

Yoga with Janet Stone, it was created by lolo. The premiere instructor Janet Stone guides you with vigorous-yet-sumptuous approach on Vinyasa yoga. This dynamic yoga form flows from a posture to other in rhythm with breath.

Janet is with you for each step on your way over 100 flows. You will not feel lost with 5 hours of Janet’s audio instructions supporting movements and over 3 and half hours of video signifying perfect form.

The included Practice Builder permits you to make your sequences.

Yoga with Janet Stone

Download Yoga with Janet Stone App for $1.99

Back & Hip Pain Relief Stretches

Poor Posture, low back and hip pain can be attributed to tight Psoas muscles which are deep in pelvis. One should regain lost strength in muscles and mobility in joints.

Most of the people suffer from muscle pain caused by common muscle shortening. These discomforts can be assisted easily by stretching muscles safely which involve back to a neutral or natural state.

The app has unique animated stretches created by S.A.M.P. All these effective and safe stretching routines offer breakthrough results by addressing pain causing tight muscles.

Back & Hip Pain Relief Stretches

Download Back & Hip Pain Relief Stretches App for $3.99

Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts, it was developed by Daily Workout Apps, LLC. It offers 5 to 30 minutes workout routines on daily basis for men and women that step you through some best exercises that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

The app comes with combining few individual apps such as Daily ARM Workout, Daily AB Workout, Daily CARDIO Workout, Daily Butt Workout and Daily Leg Workout. Also, the app features randomized complete body workouts. You can even select to develop custom routine from available exercises.

Daily Workouts

Download Daily Workouts App for $2.99

Stretch HD

Stretch HD, this app was created by an Australian Physiotherapist who found that most of his patients were not familiar with stretching techniques.

The app comes with wide variety of features which include: 60 HD professional film videos for each ability level. Each stretch comes with informative instruction screens.

You can play music while performing stretches. Share functionality permits seamless email distribution of stretches.

Stretch HD

Download Free Stretch HD App

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