TouchEdit – a Video editing App for iPad users

TouchEdit, a new App to edit videos that was specially designed by TouchEdit LLC for iPad devices. By using the App, iPad users can edit the videos in two different modes that includes landscape mode and portrait mode.

While editing the video in landscape mode, users will work on two monitors and two timelines. One monitor shows the source video and other shows the editing timeline. It’s bit easy to edit in the landscape mode as user just needs to drag the video from top to bottom.

TouchEdit App

On shifting to potrait mode, users are provided with more familiar look of the video and includes more functionalities. By using the portrait mode for editing, users can view conventional timeline and more editing tools along with audio mixers.

The biggest difference when compared to other video editing App’s is that in TouchEdit, editing timeline moves from left to right whereas in other App’s, it travels from right to left.

TouchEdit iPad App


  • Can edit videos of multiple resolution and different frame rates
  • Shows timecode associated with each clip
  • Users can import media from iPad photo gallery or Dropbox
  • Make use of left and right scissors to trim the clip
  • Users can select audio and video tracks
  • Supports clip with frame rate of 44.1KHz and 48kHZ

This amazing App is available for $49.99 at Apple iTunes App store under Photo and Video category.

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