Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Hits iOS

The casual games developer Melesta has released Toy Defense 3: Fantasy, latest iteration in the Toy Defense game series. This game comes in 2 flavors: Toy Defense 3: Fantasy for iPhone and Toy Defense 3: Fantasy HD for iPad.

Toy Defense 3

This game takes the players to 10th century, and encourages them to recruit an army of medieval characters to battle against an evil threat, applying a tower defense mode of gameplay. Smartly defend your castle and show your bravery to drive evil monsters away from your kingdom!

The game includes the following features:

  • Includes unique levels with non-recurring gameplay.
  • Offers a wonderful medieval fantasy atmosphere.
  • Awe-inspiring graphics with a detailed medieval environment.
  • Invite your buddies to join you in this magical world.
  • Compete with your buddies’ courageous knights.
  • Features more than 9 types of foes.
  • Fight against evil generals at the end of each wave.
  • Enhance your strategy with 6 specialized tower power-ups.
  • Collect all of your achievements, test your skills and bravery, and enjoy a lengthy campaign.
  • Offers 4 gameplay bonuses.
  • Use the tricks of preeminent kings to win battles.

Toy Defense 3 app

The original Toy Defense game was landed last year on iOS, which includes colorful animation, delightful story, and immersive gameplay. Following this, the company has subsequently rolled out Toy Defense 2, which took the players to World War II environment.

Now the latest iteration is all about recruiting and training warriors, archers, wizards to set up a powerful army and kill the enemy’s forces.

Download this Toy Defense 3: Fantasy ($1.99) and Toy Defense 3: Fantasy HD ($4.99) directly from the links provided below. Both the versions work with devices that run on iOS 6.0 or above firmware.

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy download link for iPhone and iPod touch ($1.99)

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy HD download link for iPad ($4.99)

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