Traffic Racer 1.4 gets updated with 3 new cars and improvements in gameplay

Traffic Racer, a popular arcade racing game has received fourth update since its release. The game is one best looking 3D arcade-style racing that allow users to travel on highways at insane speed without crashing other vehicles on the road.

Traffic Racer 1.4 iOS App

The latest version of the App adds 3 brand new cars, includes auto-acceleration feature and added several improvements to graphics and gameplay.

Players while driving their cars through highway can earn cash and this earned amount can be invested to buy new cars or upgrade the older ones.

Traffic Racer 1.4 App


  • Players can gain extra cash by driving in opposite direction
  • Decreased sensitivity associated with higher handling levels
  • Added 3 new cars, 1 rim and an improved auto-acceleration option
  • Enhanced the texture quality for selecting a car
  • Includes camera shake effects while travelling at high speeds
  • Added exhaust flames when the car gets busted
  • Included countdown feature to start counting whenever the car gets stopped
  • Overtake bonus will now depend on the player’s current speed
  • Increased income for completing each level in the game

Users on finishing each level within stipulated time can place their score on the Leaderboard and challenge other friends to play the game.

Find the App under Game category at iTunes App store and download it by paying $0.99.

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