Truth App Lets you Send Anonymous Texts

There may be many anonymous text sending apps across many platforms but Truth-the latest anonymous app comes with a difference.  This app has made its entry onto the iOS app store and can be downloaded by iPhone users by logging onto iTunes.


Truth enables users to send anonymous text messages to people who are already present on the phone’s contact list.  This app will ask users to register themselves in order to use the service. You will need to register yourself by giving your email address and password.  Moreover, the app also asks you to confirm your identity by text identification method.

The text messages sent through this app will arrive at the same time as regular texts do. Users will be able to choose any contact from the contact list and will be able to send as many messages as he/she wishes.

Truth messages begin by ‘The truth is…’ by default.  If you happen to send a text who already has Truth installed on his/her phone, then he/she will know that the message has been sent through this particular app.  If the user doesn’t have the app installed then he/she will get a text from a Bay area phone number.

Truth Download for iOS (free)

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