Tweetbot for iOS Gets A New Font Option, Support for Larger Image Thumbnails and Mute Filters

Tweetbot, the most acclaimed third-party Twitter app on iOS and Mac, has just been overhauled for iOS users with a new font option, support for image thumbnail and mute filter options in addition to several bug fixes.


Open the app and then select Display option available under Settings menu. There, you will be able to manually choose your typeface; the default option Helvetica Neue has been associated by a new Avenir, which is a sans-serif typeface that’s in line with the Apple’s latest OS aesthetic.

Moreover, in this menu, you can adjust the size at which the image thumbnails are shown. Formerly, ‘Small’ was used to be the default setting, but now the revamped version includes the ability to make them more larger or eliminate them from the timeline altogether.

Furthermore, the app will now provide you the ability to quickly hide tweets that suit any newly added filter. You can apply the new mute filter to your timeline as well as curated lists at once. In addition, the update also brings several notable bug fixes to the platform.

The latest version of Tweetbot app for iOS is downloadable via the link given below. The app works with iPhone and iPod touch running on iOS version 7.0 or above.

Tweetbot download link for iOS (grab the update for free or pay $4.99 if downloading the app for the first time)

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