Twitter 5.11 Lands On iOS Platform

Twitter has released a completely redesigned iOS app, which has been specially built for iOS 7, although it’s still compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6 versions.


The major changes that we can encounter are of course visual. If you look much closer, you will also view some functional tweaks. All these offer a fresh experience to users.

The official changelog reports as ‘the app has been redesigned for iOS 7’ only. But, the Twitter has delivered a bit more on its blog:

  • In the Music app, users can now find music that is most popular on Twitter via the Twitter #music service on iTunes Radio.
  • Siri can now search for Twitter, allowing you to find tweets about people/topics.
  • You can now utilize shared links in Safari, in order to discover links that have been tweeted by others you follow.

Twitter app

Similar to the earlier versions of iOS, iOS 7 also allows users to sign up/sign in with their Twitter account from their device’s Settings app, update their Contacts app with @usernames of others they are tied in to, and also share images, web pages and many on Twitter right from the integrated and third-party applications.

iOS users can download the latest version of Twitter from Apple App Store. The app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 5.0 or above.

Twitter download link for iOS (free)

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