Twitter Apps Receives a Major Update with Direct Message Syncing and More

The online social networking service, Twitter has just pushed an update for its native iOS, Android and Mac apps, including TweetDeck, mobile and desktop sites. The update is major and brings plenty of significant features to the apps.


The most noticeable feature in the update is synced ‘read’ status for direct messages (DM). That means, now when you open up Twitter for iPhone and read a direct message, it will be marked as read message in your browser, Twitter for Android, tablet or desktop apps. And vice-versa. This feature was missing earlier, which annoyed users a lot. This feature is available for all the mobile versions and desktop versions.

Twitter app

Furthermore, Android and iOS versions, including mobile site, have received enhancements to search results. When you conduct a search for people on Twitter, you will now encounter an expanded user result that displays a complete bio. Moreover, when you swipe the preview to the left, you can see similar accounts. Now the search results consists of a new in-app indicator that signifies you when you receive new tweets for your query.

Here’s the complete changelog of iOS version:

  • Synced read status for your direct messages.
  • New reply composer in the Tweet details.
  • Discover new accounts by just clicking the new people button available in the navigation bar.
  • Enhanced search results tell when you get new Tweets for your query.
  • You can report unnecessary tweets using More button.

Twitter for Mac

Complete changelog of the Mac version:

  • Support for interactions @Connect timeline.
  • Synced read status for your direct messages.
  • Supports for 6 additional languages.
  • Support for both usernames and real names.
  • Rectified Growl notifications.
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.

Twitter for android Twitter android app

Here’s the complete changelog of the Android version:

  • Synced read status for your direct messages.
  • User avatars can be viewed and can remove all your previous search history from the dropdown menu.
  • Enhanced search results will now tell you when you get new tweets for your query.

Twitter download link for iOS

Twitter download link for Android

Twitter download link for Mac

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