Twitter for iOS and Android Receives A Nifty Update

Twitter has unveiled a noteworthy update to its iOS and Android apps, which brings a number of enhancements that should delight dedicated users.


Firstly, the iOS update adds a slew of handy photo-centric features to the app. The latest version embeds a photo gallery in the tweet compose view making it much easier to sort through your photos and also brings enhancements to photo editing.

Here’s the complete changelog of the latest version of iOS app:

  • Just tap on a tweet and then reply to that with a photo by selecting the gallery icon.
  • You can now easily specify other users when you tweet a photo.
  • Enhancements to the photo rotation and cropping functionalities.
  • Enhancements to photo viewer.
  • There’s no need of any temporary passwords to log in to their devices for users with login verification enabled.
  • Pull-to-refresh page to view recommendations for new content on Twitter.

While the Android version also allows you crop your photos by wide or square crops. You can also rotate the photo prior to share that. Moreover, when you upload an image of people, you will immediately encounter a reminder to @ mention your buddies so that they can also view your photo.

Furthermore, if there are no tweets to load when you refresh your timeline, the app displays popular tweets, trending aspects, and the accounts you may wish to follow. Users in the US will also view news, TV, and sports updates, according to the company.

The latest version of Twitter for iOS and Android is downloadable via the links provided below.

Twitter download link for iOS (free)

Twitter download link for Android (free)

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