New app called Typing Writer turns iPad into a Typewriter

After the popular Tom Hanks typewriter app which made huge waves on app stores, another type writer app has surfaced. This new app is called Typing Writer. This new app has been developed by Stephen Elliot who is the founder of the literary website called The Rumpus.

Typing Writer App

Typing Writer, unlike Hanx Writer is a practical writing tool which emphasizes on moving forward as the users write. It does not have the feature of going back and tinkering each time.  This app has been released for the iOS app store and is a paid app tagged at a price of $1.99.  This app has especially been designed for iPad and makes your device as good as any typewrite. It also comes bundled up with the first drafts of some of the best writers the world has ever seen-Melissa Febos, Aimee  Brill, Tao Lin, Rick Moody, Jim Shepard and Stephen Elliot.

Typing Writer works much like an old typewriter.  If you type over something, then you will still see the letter underneath.  So all those persons who miss writing on typewriters can download this app and get the experience back.  Infact, even typewriter sounds are included but they can be turned off if you wish.

Typing Writer Download for iOS app (free)

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