Viber for iOS and Android Brings a New Sticker Market and Push-to-Talk Function

The popular instant messaging service, Viber has released a major update for its iOS and Android apps. The update includes a plethora of new features, whereas Android version has finally received support for tablet.


First up, the update brings a new ‘Sticker Market’ that’s packed with more than 1000 fun, expressive characters. Company says that many of the stickers were specially designed for the users in Asia.

Another notable feature that has been added in the update is push-to-talk functionality. This feature allows users to send short voice messages to their dear ones. The company claims that this feature is faster than other messaging applications. Just record, send, download, and play!

Moreover, users can now add up to 100 people to their group conversations! In addition, you can also set beautiful conversation backgrounds from within the app’s new background archive and forward your desired messages to an individual or a group.

Viber app

While the Android version has got support for tablets, which brings all your phone contacts to your tablet and offers a complete sync with calls as well as messages on other devices being used.

The update also brings some new features exclusively for Android, which includes lighting up of your device’s screen for incoming notifications, enhanced notifications feature for Android 4.0 and above, and the ability to send messages (through the app) while on a Viber call.

The latest version of Viber for iOS and Android is downloadable via the links given below.

Viber download link for iOS (free)

Viber download link for Android (free)

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