Video-Sharing App Mindie Receives A Major Revamp

Mindie, the app that enables users to create and share 7-sec video loops, has just received a major update with a slew of new features and improvements.


First up, the latest version of the app now allows you select your favorite part in the song. The update also brings support for slow-motion, but this is only available for iPhone 5s users. In addition, the update also brings support for fast-motion for Time-lapse and the ability to remake your buddies music video.

Furthermore, the update also includes the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced video quality.
  • Faster video upload.
  • New featured users.
  • Enhancements to performance.
  • Significant bug fixes.

Mindie was first launched on iOS last year in October. In a nutshell, the app allows you to share looping video clips of up to 7 seconds length; 1 second more than the popular video-sharing platform Vine.

iOS users can download the latest version of Mindie app directly from the link provided below. The app works with devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above.

Mindie download link for iOS (free)

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