Vine for iOS and Android Now Lets You Edit Videos and Save Multiple Clips

The 6-sec looping video service, Vine has rolled out an update to its iOS and Android apps. The update brings 2 new features, namely ‘Time Travel’ and ‘Sessions’.


First up, the new Sessions category lets users to save any of their desired posts and get back to it later for posting. After you capture a video, you can now encounter a new Session button to save your video to return back to it and post later. The app will store up to 10 clips suspended in the background for you to get back and post them. If you want to delete one of them, you can do it with the delete option and add a new video.

Next comes the ‘Time Travel’ feature which provides you the ability to reorganize, remove, and replace shots (snippets of video) before you would save and upload. With this feature, you can just click on the new edit button when reviewing a video to alter the order of shots. To do this, simply long-press on a thumbnail you want to move and then drag it to your desired spot in the lineup. You can even drag it to the trash icon to remove that permanently.

iOS and Android users can download the updated version of Vine from the links given below.

Vine download link for iOS (free)

Vine download link for Android (free)

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