Virtual Horse Racing 3D App Review

This is a 3D horse racing game developed by Natenai Ariyatrakool. You get a real horseracing feel with this app. This game is extremely addictive and exciting.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D game

Before you start your game, you need to choose the horses which you believe there is a good chance of winning and then bet on them with the amount of money you prefer to bet. Then the horse race begins. You feel the race is just like watching on TV, the view follows jockeys and the horses as they race around the track. The view of the game beautifully goes to a slow motion as the horses cross the destination line.

You can view the statistics on the racing form before you bet on the horses. Like your real game, you can lay down the money for win, place, or show, or a pack of three. If the horses that you have bet upon reach the place according to the racing rules, you will gain the money.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D app

If you have not played this type of game before, do not get disappointed. You can easily understand the game rules and play. You get a grip on the game through your experience. You will be so excited for putting bets on the track, and getting profits. You can even learn some tricks to cover your bets as you play the game.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D review

The graphics are excellent in this game, and the sound effects are awesome which provides you with a thrilling experience. Do not miss this exciting experience. Install the app and start betting on the horses! Challenge yourself and look how much you win!

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