Vuemix -a new video streaming App for iPad users

Vuemix, a popular online video platform has released a new App that enables them to view 9 nine videos on a single screen and find their favorite videos using the smart search feature.

The App users can find useful, entertainment and interesting videos and share them with the users from the iPad device.

Vuemix App

Vuemix App lets you search instantly and view multiple videos on a single iPad screen from the popular video sharing sites like YouTube and many more.

Features of Vuemix App:

  • Watch multiple active videos by browsing through to video sharing websites
  • Search for videos over internet related to different categories that includes New, Politics, Food, Music, Comedy, Movies and Technology etc.
  • Share the videos with friends and close acquaintances on Facebook
  • Make a active video mix from 9 videos and share it with friends

Vuemix iPad App

Vuemix enables users to share videos to and from the Facebook and helps in creating their “Vuemix” playlist that comprises recent videos posted by the Facebook friends.

Govind Kizhepat, Founder and CEO of Vyumix, Inc, has stated that “Vuemix will serve as a best video streaming platform in coming days. By adding the multiple video clips in to single stream will provide a new customer interactive experience for the App users”.

The App is compatible only with iPad devices that uses iOS 5.0 or later version.

Visit to download the App for $2.99.

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