Wave Trip – a musical game for iOS users

Wave Trip, a musical arcade game compatible with all devices powered by iOS. The App has been developed Lucky Frame, a Scottish based creative studio. The game play of Wave Trip will resemble the game play that combines both Whale Trail and Tiny.

The App has some creative and highly catchy music that entertains the users. The game involves controlling a mysterious geometric astronaut when she travels through medium of wonderful tunes in order to save her friends in danger.

Wave Trip game

Players can make their own levels and every level can be either edited or remixed. As every object involved in the game has specific musical characteristic, so that players can create a level by just composing a music sample.

Each level in the game functions similar to a song and while playing the game you can generate different sound tracks for carrying out actions like collecting coins and killing enemies.

Wave Trip iOS game

Apart from the in-built challenges, players can find a level creator that allows them to compose new songs. The interface of the App and song-creating features will closely resemble the layout and features of MIDI sequencers.

Wave Trip developed by Lucky Frame Limited is now available for iOS users for $2.35 at iTunes App store.

To download this wonderful and mysterious musical arcade game, please visit https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wave-trip/id581914455.



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