WhatsApp is Free for iOS Now Only for a Particular Time Period

WhatsApp is a messaging App which helps the users in exchanging their messages. For the iOS users, WhatsApp is free now!

WhatsApp messenger is now made accessible for the iPhone and other smartphones. The application makes use of push notifications to get the messages instantly from family members, buddies and co-workers. Using WhatsApp, users can exchange messages, audio notes, video messages and pictures for free.


What’s interesting about this app?

  • Once you download this app, you can chat with your buddies as much as you want. Numerous messages can be sent to your buddies for free. This app uses the Wi-Fi or the internet connection when available.
  • Group chat is accessible with this app. Enjoy doing group chat with your contacts. You can remove or include the group participants, set a group icon or alter the group subject
  • There is no need to pay anything to send your international messages. You can chat with your friends throughout the world if they too have the installed WhatsApp Messenger
  • This app works with the user’s phone number, and correctly integrates with the user’s existing address book in the phone
  • There is no need of any login or logout, always the app is ON and connected with the push notifications.
  • This app makes use of the address book to get connected with your buddies automatically.
  • If you switch off your mobile or miss any push notifications, this app always saves the messages offline till you get back them when you use your next application.
  • This app helps you to share the places and locations, Exchange the contacts, Message time stamps, Custom wallpaper, Broadcast messages and media to various contacts at once and many more.

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