Where’s My Perry? App Review

Where’s My Perry is a new physics-based puzzle game developed by Where’s My Water developer. The gameplay of Where’s My Perry is similar to that of Where’s My Water. Some of the Phineas and Ferb characters are available in this game too!

In this game, you will find a Perry character who is a semi-aquatic detective called as Agent P. When he was called to the spy headquarters, our detective gets stuck in the transportation tubes. Now you have to help him to direct the steam or water to the transport’s power generators.

Where’s My Perry?

Crazy-inators are included in this game which can turn water into ice or to steam. The other side of the inator can change ice into water. With the help of these crazy-inators, heat-inators and cool inators, guide enough water to the transportation tube. When you do so, you will pass the level and enter into the next level. If you fail the level, you should retry the level. These kinds of mechanics are added one after the other as you play the game, and this presents a lot of challenging puzzles.

Where’s My Perry  App

In this game, you can find gnomes as collectibles which are spread out throughout the levels in the similar way, but the environment in which you collect them varies. In every level, you will find 3 gnomes and top secret agent files spread throughout your mission. If you collect all those things, you will be a master spy and you can unlock a bonus level.

Where’s My Perry Review

Achievements are also present, which can be gained when you complete all the levels in a mission, collect all the gnomes, agent files, unlock the bonus levels. The graphics are excellent and children love it.

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