Word box- a new word puzzle game App for iOS users to learn new words

Word box, a new game for iOS users developed by AlphaWeb Plus LLC. Users on downloading the App can learn words using the hints and Wikipedia functions provided by the App.

Word box puzzle game

The game is available in 4 different modes and each mode has its own and unique game play.

  • Classic mode: this mode is designed for fans who love dynamic gameplay, players who make more number of words will gain extra time to play.
  • Go-go mode: It is suitable for players interested in playing games calmly and willing to apply intelligence to trace out longest words and clear the game board with words. In this mode, players can play without any time restriction.
  • Rush mode: It is designed specially for adrenaline fans. On choosing this mode, players are displayed with a line of words for every 10 seconds and they need to clear the game in specific time to continue the game.

Players on completing mission can discover new game modes and avail wide variety of bonuses. They can even share their achievements with friends through social networks and compete with other players on the Game Center.

Word box puzzle iOS game

 Important features of Word Box:

  •  Simple and intuitive game play
  • Game can be controlled by swipes or simple taps
  • Hint function on the App will aid players in improving vocabulary
  • Social media integration to share the player’s achievements

Get this universal word puzzle iOS App for $ 2.05 at iTunes App store.

Download link:https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id593847728?mt=8

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