Wordfeud App Review

This is a multiplayer puzzle game developed by Bertheussen IT. This game is similar to that of a popular word game called Scrabble. It allows you to test your vocabulary. You can have a great fun while improving your vocabulary!


In this game, you need to make up the words on 15 by 15 board which consists of several tiles providing triple and double scores on the whole word or individual letters if you cover them. When you get into the game, grid of letters is displayed on your screen and you are provided with 7 letter tiles. You need to use those 7 letter tiles to make up the words. When you use all your letter tiles, your letter tiles are refilled again from the tile pool. There is also an option to shuffle your tiles so that you can think in a different way. Score as many points as you can by making up more high score words.

Wordfeud  App

You should create meaningful words either vertically or horizontally. If the word which you have created is not present in its dictionary, it will not allow you to play it. This is a multiplayer game. You can play this game against your buddies or can choose random opponents online. You and your opponent play in turns, which is fun!

This game consists of 2 types of game boards: standard board and randomized board. The standard board looks like symmetrical board which most scrabble players are used to. This board consists of triple and double word squares. Whereas the randomized board consists of special squares throughout the board. If the standard board is not fun anymore, you can choose randomized board for a change!

Wordfeud  Review

You can chat with your opponent while you play the game. The game has a multi language support. Download this game on your device and see who wins the game!

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