Wunderlist Redesigned for iPhone, Android and Mac

Wunderlist is the most popular to-do-list app in the apps world today. The developers have launched a new redesigned app for Mac, iPhone and Android. The new app not only has a cleaner interface but also has new buttons, which users can use to add tasks and or lists. The iPhone version of the app has a “Quick Add” function. The function is useful for adding dates and reminders to your tasks as you enter them in the app.


The developers have redesigned the Android version of the Wunderlist app to work better with the Google’s Material Design, an approach appropriate in Android 5.0 called the Lollipop. The company not only aims to make the app even better in the course of this year, but also smarter so that it remains the best productivity solution on Android, iPhone and Mac.

From the major changes that have taken place already, it is definitely clear that Wunderlist for Android and iOS is no longer just a to-do-list app. It is a solution, which is more or less becoming a smarter virtual assistant tool. These changes are just a sample reflection on the improved future of the Wunderlist app. It is going to be something more interesting, which easily integrates with your digital life.

Wunderlist App Download for Android

Wunderlist App Download for iPhone

Wunderlist App Download for Mac

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