New photo sharing app called Yovo launched on iOS app store

A new photo sharing app has hit the iOS app store and this new app is called Yovo.  This is an app which comes with a few unique features and has been developed by privacy Software Company called ContentGuard.

Yovo iOS app

Yovo’s highlight feature is that it protects snaps and pictures from screenshots.  Infact it also protects your messages from screenshots and it does so by making use of a common optical illusion. This common optical illusion is used to send the snaps in such a way that it becomes very hard for the receiver to take a screenshot.  This app has been developed keeping in mind the fact that these days people don’t like to leave a digital trail fearing digital publication of their private lives.

Yovo uses a barrier grid illusion. What happens is that as we move fast, our eyes tend to see the stationary scene rather than the pailings.  In this app, when a picture is taken, it overlays a blurred grille over it. So when the picture is opened by the recipient, the grille tends to move which allows him/her to view the image but not click a snapshot as it always results in a blurred section.

Yovo app for Download iOS App

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