ZeptoLab Launches Cut the Rope 2 On iOS

The charming green Om Nom is back with another new adventure! ZeptoLab has just released the sequel to its widely-liked Cut the Rope physics-based puzzle game on iOS, and an Android version is set to roll out early next year.

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 follows the footsteps of the original game. As before, the objective of the game is to feed a large candy to the hero, Om Nom, simultaneously collecting the stars along the way. Though the gameplay is similar, the latest version introduces a bunch of crazy new Nommies in the game, so it should be an amazing installment to the Cut the Rope fans.

Moreover, you will be able to interact with the hero, customize him, choose your desired candy to feed him and select your finger traces in this new series. The game also features brand-new locations to explore with 120 new levels and rope cutting actions.

Cut the Rope 2 app

New characters introduced in the game will help Om Nom to collect candy. Each character has its own unique power that will be very essential to use in varied levels of the game. For instance, Roto flies through a pre-set course carrying Om Nom to the candy catching locations until you tap the screen to drop, whereas Boo will be able to scare him to jump to great heights. The abilities of the new Nommies help in bringing new challenges to the game, which differentiates it from the original game.

The game also features in-app store through which you can purchase additional items or hints to get through challenging levels.

iOS users can download this Cut the Rope 2 game directly from the link given below. The app is available for $0.99 and works with devices that run on iOS version 4.3 or above.

Cut the Rope 2 download link for iOS ($0.99)

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