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SoundCloud Finally Launches an Android App for Creators

SoundCloud Pulse is the first SoundCloud’s Android App developed for music makers, podcasters, and everyone who upload audio music to SoundCloud. According to SoundCloud, the new app will let users manage their accounts, and keep their communities humming. You can not only share your uploaded audio files publicly and privately, but also follow other people using this app. SoundCloud Pulse is the first smartphone app from SoundCloud; it doesn’t have many features as at now. However, SoundCloud says that it…
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Alto is a New Email App for Android from AOL


AOL has created a new Android app to manage multiple inboxes. Built to change the way that users access and interact with their email accounts, Alto might just be the app you need if you prefer managing your email accounts from a single platform. Alto only features a slick interface, but also the app is easy to navigate just like Google’s Gmail. Alto supports a number of email accounts: Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and Microsoft Outlook. Alto email app for Android…
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Facebook iOS App Updated to Fix Battery Drain Issue

Facebook Featured Image

Sometimes, even the most amazing iPhone app can be a nuisance, and this is true for Facebook iOS app.  Although Facebook App for iPhone is perhaps certainly the most popularly used app on iOS smart devices, it has been a nightmare a couple of times. Recently, Facebook users complained that the iOS app was draining their Smartphone’s battery. Ari Grant, engineering manager at Facebook, said the previous app had a few key issued that caused premature battery drainage. The Company…
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Top 10 3D Games for iPhone


The shift from 2D to 3D art has completely changed our perception about technology. Unlike the two-dimensional art, the 3D technology delivers new, breathtaking, and freestyle experience we have never had before. For a long time now, the human race has often thought that 3D art is only on top rated movies of all time. But, 3D technology today goes beyond TV sets to smartphones. The successful implementation of the new feature – 3D technology – has brought significant changes…
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Top 10 Virtual Pet Apps for Android

Virtual Pet Apps

When Google first introduced Android Operating System, the human circle living and working outside the four walls of Google had no idea that Google, like Apple, was taking part in an activity that was going to change the world in a way. From the development of the Operating System itself to the rise of hundreds of thousands of developers creating powerful apps for the platform, Android has become quite popular world over. Even the most unimaginable apps like the virtual…
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Top 9 Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

video download

The cutting-edge technology has led to the rise of high quality High Definition videos that one can watch across all devices. The availability of Smart Phones that play videos in different extensions makes entertaining oneself with video content even better by far. The times when you had to carry your Windows Laptop or Mac PC are over. Now you can live stream videos straight from your iPhone Smart Phone and download them for later or frequent views using the top…
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Top 10 Typography Apps for iPhone


Obviously, the advancements in technology has made the life is almost every person on the planet easy. Indeed, we have a reason to celebrate not only the invention of iPhone Smart Phones but also the existence and expertise of iPhone app developers. The app world today is brimming with great apps meant to improve your topography, making it easy, fun and even quicker for one to work with brilliant fonts. The main purpose of top topography apps for iPhone is…
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Top 10 Keyboard Apps for iPhone

Keyboard Apps

Writing seems to be a hobby for many. Even the old folks are more into text messaging than ever before. Writing has become quite a common task and perhaps the only most popular activity that billions of people do on a daily basis. In fact, most iPhone apps in use today require the need for data input from the users, hence the need for a keyboard app. While the default keyboard will do just fine, it does not hurt to…
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Top 100 Windows Phone Apps 2015

It would not be an overstatement to comment that Windows is the staple as far computing for the routine user is concerned. Microsoft’s operating system has revolutionized the manner in which the average user communicates with the computer, and this amazing revolution has translated onto the mobile domain as well. Apps have added new dimensions to Windows based mobile phones, be it the quality of social networking made possible because of the same, or the ease with which users can…
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Microsoft Launched Video Tuner, a Video Editing App

Microsoft Video Tuner App

Microsoft’s Nokia devices and services division has come out with the launch of a new app which is known as Video Tuner.  This is a video editing app that has especially been designed for Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphones and is loaded with superb features and specifications. Microsoft Video Tuner offers all the basic video editing features like cropping, mirroring, trimming and flipping but apart from these options, it also comes with the facility of adding music to the videos as…
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