BBM Meetings app for cross platform conference calls now out

Blackberry has introduced a new app and this latest app is called BBM Meetings app.  This is a cross platform conference calls which allows video conferencing of Upto 25 people at the same time. The app is available on Android and Blackberry platforms for download whereas an iOS version is also on its way.

BBM Meetings

BBM Meetings app is currently offering the users a free trial of 30 days and has announced that it will charge $13.75 per person per month after the free trial period expires.  On the page of the app, one can also see a message saying ‘BBM Meetings subscriptions are billed annually’.  This app is basically a way to work more productively and communicate in a smarter way with one another.  There are certain OS requirements for this app to work on each of the platforms.

BBM Meetings app combines the qualities of an optimized user experience and enhanced features.  The app allows one to participate in meetings easily from anywhere and the features which it comes with are not found in any other platform or solution.  So any BBM Chat, Group chat of voice call can be turned into a live BBM Meeting with this app.

BBM Meetings app Download for Android

BBM Meetings app Download for BlackBerry


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