CBC News launches a new App for BlackBerry 10 smartphones

CBC  (Canadian Broadcasting corporation), a popular news broadcaster that gathers news and produce news programs for people in Canada. CBC has launched a new App for BlackBerry 10 users.

This latest CBCNews App was live on BlackBerry World App store and on the same day, BlackBerry 10 smartphones were unveiled by the company.

CBC News App

Features of the first ever CBC News BlackBerry App:

  • Users can view latest stories, photos and video footage’s of latest happenings in the Canada and across the world.
  • Get alerts related to breaking news on your home screen through a scrolling ticker.
  • Users can view videos and photo galleries in ultra-fine by zooming-in the image or video.
  • Users are provided with ability to share stories and important links on to any social media network including the Blackberry messenger (BBM).
  • Watch top quality videos that depict latest news and current happenings across the world
  • Users can check the current weather condition in their location.

CBC Blackberry App

Different customizable option’s available with in the App lets you to set your city for getting regular updates and location to acquire weather report.

The App users can organize the order of news categories and appearance of headlines on their home screen. Users are provided with full freedom to text fonts for optimal reading.

Marissa Nelson, the acting director for digital media department at CBC News stated that” the App was built and optimized by adding latest features as to support the latest BlackBerry operating system and its supportive devices”.

Download link:http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20190090/?countrycode=IN.


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