Reckless Racing App Review

Reckless Racing is a mind-blowing racing game developed by Polarbit. The gameplay is awesome and you get totally immersed into the game. This game consists of so many exciting features which grab your attention.

Reckless Racing App

This game is all about sliding and slipping around the corners in the dirt. You will slam your thumbs on the gas and try to move much faster than other competitors to be in the first place. Initially you feel the levels are easy, but as you progress through the levels you will come across more challenging race tracks. You will encounter wonderful backroad racetracks.

The gameplay and the controls are simple. This game consists of 3 game modes: Dirty Rally, Hot Lap and Delivery modes. In the Dirty Rally mode, you need to race against 5 CPU controlled vehicles. In the Hot Lap mode, you are a solo player where you just have to race against the time. In the Delivery mode you need to take the packages and deliver them to the respected destinations as fast as possible. Of these three game modes, Delivery mode is very difficult which keeps you on your toes.

Reckless Racing Game

The soundtrack and the graphics are amazing in this game. With online multiplayer, this game provides a chance to show your racing ability! You are allowed to submit your best scores on the online leaderboards. If your vehicle gets damaged or stuck, you just respawn on the course. There are also no upgrades or power ups. This game’s format is brilliant on touch screen devices.

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