Robo Defense App Review

Robo Defense is an action-based tower defense game developed by Lupis Labs Software. Though the game is simple, it includes achievements, open maps, and upgrades which keep you entertain all the time.

Robo Defense

This game mainly revolves around destroying robot armies before they take over your base. The robots get into your territory from the left hand side of your screen and move through the land to take over your base, which is on the far right hand side of the map. You need to purchase robo defense towers and arrange them in the strategic locations to demolish the attacking robots before they take over your base. By destroying the robots, you gain money which can be used to improve your towers to shoot faster and stronger or to purchase more powerful and costly towers.

Robo Defense App

The game engages you in different ways. This game goes on like a chess game where you need to use your skills to destroy your opponents. Once you purchase a robot defense tower, you need to think carefully and decide where to locate it. In this game, the actual trick lies in perfectly placing the tower in the correct location and time. If you have not played this type of defense tower game before, you will have a grip on this through your experience only.

Robo Defense Review

Reward points are also available which can be gained through well performance. These reward points can be used in upgrading your towers. An achievement section is available which adds to the game’s replay value by engaging you in struggling and meeting definite objectives. On the whole, this is an entertaining game.

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