Top 10 Lifestyle Apps for Blackberry

Are you a proud owner of a blackberry but sometimes feel envious of your neighbour’s android? Do the many apps that the open market fascinate you? Sulk no more, for there are a number equally fascinating apps developed for blackberry phones that are sure to appeal to you. Not only can you choose from a wide range of entertainment apps but also find some utility lifestyle apps for your phone. Here is our pick of the top 10 lifestyle apps for your blackberry!

Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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Designed for women with an interest in self beautification, this great app Beauty Secrets for Blackberry devices provides a variety of tips and secrets for body, skin, hair, legs and nail beautification.

Grosir Baju Import (v1)

Grosir Baju Import (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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Get the latest in Korean fashion by browsing through the Grosir Baju Import app for Blackberry Devices. Get awesome tops, shorts, skirts, pants, etc by shopping online at their website.


PURE JEWELS ENTERPRISES (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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For all your fashion accessories and jewellery, browse through the Pure Jewels Enterprise on your Blackberry mobile. Shop for unique and fashionable items that will surely provoke envy among your peers.

PS3 Price Compare (v1)

PS3 Price Compare (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App PS3 Price Compare (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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Make your gaming experience better by experiencing it on the amazing PS3 consoles. get the best deals on PS3 consoles, games and bundles by using the PS3 Price Compare app on you Blackberry mobile.

Fridays Finest RSA (v1)

Fridays Finest RSA (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App Fridays Finest RSA (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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Get the Fridays Finest RSA app on your Blackberry mobile to make your lifestyle better. This brand brings you the latest in clothes, events, music and much more all at the click of a button.

AyshaMoesia Bags (v1)

AyshaMoesia Bags (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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A new fashion design house based in Abuja, Nigeria, AyshaMoesia brings you a unique fashion trend towards women’s handbags and purses made of genuine Italian leather. Browse through the wide collection on your Blackberry by using the AyshaMoesia Bags app. (v1) (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App

Download Free App is an amazing blog that provides amazing tips and tricks related to the world of fashion. Get access to this site on your Blackberry by using the app.

Co-op CRS App

Co-op CRS App - Blackberry Lifestyle App Co-op CRS App - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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Get the mobile app C0-Op CRS on your Blackberry that facilitates finding Co-Op products and services that help build, feed and fuel individuals and communities across Western Canada.

Shoppers Lifestyle (v1)

Shoppers Lifestyle (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App Shoppers Lifestyle (v1) - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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Know about the latest trends in fashion and shopping lifestyle by using the Shoppers Lifestyle app on your Blackberry mobile. Get hooked on the various apps and blogs related to improving lifestyle in the 21st century.

MyNetworkOne Deals

MyNetworkOne Deals - Blackberry Lifestyle App

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The crazily addictive My Network One has enhanced the experience for both shoppers and marketers; with this app, you can leverage your Blackberry to enjoy better transactions, whichever side you be on.

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