Track My Train App Review

Track My Train is an addictive puzzle game developed by The Game Boss. Once you try this game, you will never go for another puzzle game. In this game you need to exercise your brain and take your train to the destination safely. Are you ready to help the train in reaching safely?

Track My Train APp

In this game you should help the train in reaching its destination safely. The gameplay is simple. Although the game is simple to play, you need to use your tricks to get out the train from critical situation and reach the destination. It is not that easy, you come across various obstacles in your way. You should rotate the rails according to the train’s destination. Sometimes you also need to manage your train to avoid crash with other trains. If you complete a level, further level will be unlocked.

Track My Train Game

You find different tracks, destination and start points, so you get different puzzles each time. The train doesn’t start as the level begins. When you complete adjusting the rails, you need to tap on the start point. Then the train starts. Though the train starts with your signal, you should try to complete the levels in less time. The less time you take to solve the puzzles, the high score you get.

Track My Train Review

As you play the game, new obstructing features appear to turn the game much challenging. Like other similar games, this game does not have any different game modes. You can enjoy playing this game. It consists of so many levels which keep you entertained all the time. So, are you ready to solve the challenging puzzles?

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