X Construction App Review

X Construction is a physics-based puzzle game. This is a thoroughly addictive and entertaining game. The game presents several different challenging puzzles to keep you entertained throughout the game.

This game deals with constructing a bridge with provided amount of girders to make the train travel safely across the valley. Every level features a unique challenge to you. You should overcome the difficulties and complete the levels by designing and constructing an appropriate bridge for each challenge.

X Construction

You don’t have any time limit to build the bridge; you just have to use the provided number of girders to build a strong bridge. As you play the game, you find the levels are getting much challenging and tough. This is because only limited girders are provided to you. So, you have to be careful in placing the girders in accurate position.

X Construction App

The controls are simple in this game. At your top right corner of your screen you find building and the remove buttons to choose a girder or wrench or to remove a girder. At your bottom right corner of your screen, you find a zoom out, zoom in and undo buttons. A green color arrow is present on top left hand side of your screen. When you complete constructing your bridge, to test how your bridge works, you can tap on that green button to get the train onto the bridge.

X Construction Review

Graphics are good in this game. You come across unlimited and varied variety of building materials as you play the game. On the whole, this is a fun and an educational game.

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