Angry Birds Star Wars has Arrived on Facebook

Fans of Angry Birds Star Wars! This game’s Page is available on Facebook. Now, the beta version of this game is available on Facebook, including every level of Tatooine, with the shortly coming Death Star levels.

angry birds on fb
As still the Facebook game is available in beta, it appears that the Rovio has not done any official announcement about that yet, but the game is accessible. You can view the characters of crazy Star Wars, and invite your buddies to play along and even you can compare your score with others. This is a 2nd game of Angry Birds to release on the Facebook, next to the game of Angry Birds Friends.

Additional to the latest Facebook game, there is an announcement from Rovio about the latest Angry Birds holiday song. If you want to download that song, you can download it on iTunes for £0.99, $0.99 or 0.99 based on your country.

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