Facebook Alters Privacy Settings

Facebook is releasing updates to privacy settings, altering both how simple it is for the users to update the settings, and making some alterations in how the information is given, and as well as how the user timelines come into sight in the search function.

Some alterations are straightforward, including revisions that make it much simpler for the users to alter their privacy settings by not leaving newsfeed, and much contextual information providing about where their content or text will be shared. Other revisions, like generating everyone’s timeline to be capable of being searched in a search bar, are the most significant alterations to how the users connect with the Facebook actually.

Few alterations that speak to this effect:

Telling the users about where the posts will be gone
Now, when the users are posting something to their Facebook, they will be made aware that even if they conceal an item from their timeline, for example, that item still could appear on other  locations in Facebook. This is a very helpful reminder as it isn’t clear always.

facebook 1Removal tool and latest request
Now, it will be very simple for the users to eliminate the tags from various photos in which they are tagged in at once, or asks another to just take the items down which they do not like.

facebook 2
Revised log activity
Activity log has been revised to make the people aware of when they were tagged in the photos, and even if those photos are hidden, where those photos may appear on the site.

facebook 3
Facebook stressed that only few individuals presently take the benefit of this setting, and as it is very easy to view the interactions between the people on the site in other locations, anyway it is tough to remain untraceable, search tool aside.

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