Facebook Introduces a New Search Feature – Graph Search

Facebook has introduced a search feature known as Graph Search. It helps the users in discovering new people based on common likes, activities, interests and so on. At present, beta phase of Graph Search has released which is available only for the users who speak English. This search feature differs from that of your regular web search.

graph search 1

Graph search is a makeover of the existing search feature of Facebook. It utilizes the details that people prefer to share on their Facebook and makes use of them in accordance with the privacy settings of each user. This indicates that when same search is applied for various people, it can generate different results. For instance, you can search for buddies who like singing, for pictures your buddies took in Scotland, for people who like dancing, and so on.

search graphComing to the privacy, Graph Search may not result any serious problem as it utilizes only the information which you prefer to share, and it shows only to the people you prefer to share with.

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