Top Facebook Adventure Game Apps

Adventure genre has always impressed the likes of gamers around the world. Right from the legendary Indiana Jones to the current super hit – The Tomb Raider, adventure games truly are in a league of their own.

But unfortunately we have neither the time nor the required hardware to play through these extensive games. But thanks to Facebook, we can still keep the adventure spirit inside us alive with the cool adventure game apps available within.

The apps can be used from any platform with just a simple internet connection, and played from anywhere you wish. Here we have compiled the top Facebook Adventure Game apps to make sure you don’t miss out on the best games out there.

Dragon City

Dragon City - Facebook Adventure Game App

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The game has been developed on the RPG and strategy based games platform, which makes it almost irresistible to any gamer. The game essentially allows you to build your own lair where you can breed and train dragons and even hatch eggs to create creatures that are far more advanced the everyday garden variety dragons that we are used to seeing. Once your dragons are pretty much trained, you can take them out to battle.

Car Town Ex

Car Town Ex - Facebook Adventure Game App

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We have all had our road adventures with our favorite cars, and this game is just a virtual extension of those pleasant experiences. The game lets you build a dream garage, where you can buy, sell and modify cars from around the world and take them for a spin on the race tracks. The more you race, the more you will earn and be able to unlock different cars from around the world.

Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga - Facebook Adventure Game App

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It’s pretty hard to imagine something that’s cooler than a Ninja, so it’s only fair that any adventure game made out of it is automatically one of the best. This action packed adventure game enables the user to explore various shadow worlds and embark upon great adventures with their mighty ninjas. This RPG styled game also enables the user to upgrade Ninjas on the move with over 300 different types of authentic oriental upgrades.

My Ninja

My Ninja - Facebook Adventure Game App

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Another Ninja adventure game to feature on our top games list – My Ninja is a pretty advanced action adventure game when compared to others. Unlike most games that display a shadowy figure as the main character, this game enables you to build complete Ninja avatars with plenty of customization options. The theme of the game is set based on an outcast ninja travelling through the streets, looking for action. The game almost has infinite upgrades for the characters and plenty of exciting levels to keep engaged with the game for a pretty long time.

Royal Story

Royal Story - Facebook Adventure Game App

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The fairytale setting with the high quality graphics makes it hard to believe that this is actually just a Facebook app. The intensive game play with the cute little setting is truly something unusual for an action adventure game, but nevertheless it makes for interesting gameplay options. The game enables you to create your very own fairy tale land and take on magical adventures and compete with your friends online. The distinctive elements and the highly animated building structures in the game take online RPG games to another level.

Kings Road

Kings Road - Facebook Adventure Game App

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The mysterious life of the medieval knights and valorous exploits set the perfect theme for this ultimate action adventure game. The gameplay and the high quality 3D animations take the game to an entire different level and the intensity of the story line is something very remarkable for such an application.

The story essentially is based on a Knight King who goes on a journey to save his kingdom from the evil forces that have taken over it. The creatures that appear on the screen are as many as heart beat you will skip with every level you pass. The game is truly addictive.

Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy - Facebook Adventure Game App

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If slaying monsters in not exactly your style then you should be probably love to tame them, because according to this game’s story line, if you don’t they are going to eat your head out. The story line of the game is pretty interesting, much like one of the many dragon movies we have seen. You start off in a small peaceful village and suddenly everything starts to collapse as mythical creatures start to invade. The objective of the player, that is you, is to tame the creatures and use them to bring back peace. It’s a pretty neat story line for an adventure game.

Miscrits: Sunfall Kingdom

Miscrits: Sunfall Kingdom - Facebook Adventure Game App

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Outlaw adventure games are always fun, but imagine what if the outlaws are actually monsters which can be trained to take down kingdoms – pretty awesome isn’t it? Well the theme of the entire game is based upon this idea. The game enables you to select and train monsters and form an army to take down cities and other kingdoms. The game is truly addictive and can actually be considered as a hardcore RPG game instead of a mere Facebook App.

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars - Facebook Adventure Game App  Mafia Wars - Facebook Adventure Game App

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The game is as interesting as the title it holds; drawing up on the theme of the mafia wars in the mid 70’s and 80’s – the game surely is one thriller. Find your way from the bottom down line to being a member of the syndicate to eventually becoming a Don. The mafia wars game is truly addictive in the way that, it doesn’t get boring halfway through. There is always something to expect on each day of login in the mafia Wars.

Miscrits: Volcano Island

Miscrits: Volcano Island - Facebook Adventure Game App

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The next edition to roll out from the Miscrit franchise, Volcano Island is an absolute stunner. If you thoroughly enjoyed playing the Sunfall kingdom, then this should come as total surprise to you. Though the central theme of the game is still the same, where you collect and train monsters, the game features plenty of creative changes that will keep you addicted to the game for a long time.

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