Top Facebook Casino Game Apps

Facebook has become one of the most sought after entertainment mediums for the young generation worldwide. Ranging from gaming to chatting, you can perform numerous functions on Facebook. And if you are the one who wants to explore the real world of lavish casinos and pokers, then you can enter that world sitting at home also.

Wondering how then the answer lies in the excellent casino game apps offered by Facebook? If you are a gaming freak or even a new gaming user then you will love the Facebook world of casino game apps and will surely want to explore it.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Texas HoldEm Poker - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

Developed by Game loft, this Poker game app is the most popular and sought after Facebook casino game app. The high profile celebrity players and the tournaments providing the feeling of real world have made this casino app most favored among the users. The app can be played from anywhere and is a game full of intuition and deception.

It is an attractive and well to do game that keeps your energy levels high and makes you glued to the social site Facebook. You can also challenge your friends to play with you and beat your best scores. You can also post live feeds on your Facebook wall regarding how many coins you have fetched. A lot more in terms of fun is on offer through this app. Try it today!

Double Down Casino Slots & Poker

Double Down Casino Slots & Poker - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

How many casino games have you come across that are free and also full of entertainment? Here is the casino game app on Facebook that provides the best casino games ever created to its users. It is a full-fledged and one stop solution for all gaming freaks. This app creates the feel of sitting at a real Las Vegas casino table, even when you are sitting confined in the four walls of your house.

Enjoy an exclusive online gaming experience that you have desired for ages with this state of the art gaming app that has dozens of casino slot and poker games, for those of you who enjoy betting. More thrills, entertainment and excitement await you with the double down casino slots and poker app.

Zynga Slingo

Zynga Slingo - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

The Zynga Slingo casino app on Facebook is one of the many reasons why people are so addicted to Facebook. The game is said to combine not only the slots and bingo but also is a proper casual game that is compatible to the liking of just about anyone and everyone. Its very expansive fan following is a testimony to prove that the app is widely popular and is full of fun and entertainment.

This fun flash game allows players to spin and try their fortune with numbers which can be matched on a bingo styled card. Players are rewarded with a slingo, when they complete numbers in a row, column or diagonal fashion on their cards. A joker is also rewarded to lucky players who can use it to mark a number and get one step closer to winning a slingo!

Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

If you are searching for a perfect gambling app that can make you spellbound, then your search is finally over with the Bingo Bash casino game app on Facebook. Even if you are new to the gaming thing, you will enjoy the Bingo Bash casino game app which will take you by surprise.

It is not just easy to play but also is a great way to kill boredom. Bingo bash is packed with several exciting features like treasures, and power ups that make the game a lot more exciting and fun filled. The app will provide all the thrill, entertainment and fun you are looking for and special offers and coupons that help you win, will take your gaming experience to a new dimension.


BINGO Blitz - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

Although being one of the new breeds of Facebook casino apps, the Bingo Blitz is one of the most popular and sought after casino app that exceeds all gamers’ expectations. It is constantly updated and provides fun loving games to gamers. Bingo is a game loved by young and old alike and this app is an excellent and fantastic way to play bingo on Facebook to kill boredom.

Its colorful graphics and vibrant color schemes will enthrall you. You can also connect with other gamers, and play against them. This app gives a new dimension to your favorite grandma game bingo! Play the many fast paced games that have cool arcade style features anytime and anywhere.

Slotomania Slot Machines

Slotomania Slot Machines - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

The slotomania is considered as the number one social video slots games that provide gaming lovers with huge excitement and entertainment. With over 55 slot games to choose from, you will be mesmerized and lost for choice. The fan following ispans over millions worldwide and is constantly growing at a huge pace daily.

And what makes it more preferred among the others is that it is free. Unique games are added everyday and with instant updates, this app is a source of fun and excitement. The latest game New Pands on the slotmania comes with two bonuses and 3 wild multipliers, and is one game you must try!

Games by GSN

Games by GSN - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

Games by gsn, game show network, is the best casino game app available on Facebook and provides ample fun, entertainment and excitement factor to its users worldwide. The fan following is immense and is growing rapidly every day. The games are fun and enjoyable and mainly user friendly. This is one of the few apps that also provide excellent customer service options and help and support to the users.

It is the most loved casino game app on Facebook that offers you hours of play. Also compatible with varied devices like Kindle fire and android devices, this app has new games being updated on a regular basis. From daily sweepstakes to dynamite, this app has some offering for every gamer. So download this app and enter the world of fun and entertainment with the many exciting games by GSN.

DoubleU Casino

DoubleU Casino - Facebook Casino Game App

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If you love Casinos, you are surely going to love Vegas. Enjoy the real world casino experience with the DoubleU casino game app on Facebook which lets you enjoy; have fun and win in many of the slot games and table games. The latest avatar feature allows you to actually feel the experience of visiting Vegas casinos as you freely walk around the many casinos that takes your gaming experience to an entirely different level.

While playing the games, you actually feel like you are taking a walk in the real world casino lobby and having a seat at the casino table to try your fortune. The virtual world comes alive on your computer screens with the Double U casino game app. The games are distinctively unique from what most gamers play daily and is so addictive, you will be asking for more!

BINGO Blingo

BINGO Blingo - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

The bingo blingo is another top Facebook casino game app that has all the elements of being called outstanding and an out of this world app. The moment a user downloads this app he will instantly become addicted to it as it is a platform for an amazing gaming experience online that is both enriching and unique.

The app is a journey of fun entertainment and full of challenges that keep you glued to Facebook for hours. Now Facebook has a new definition in the form of casino apps which makes it a complete entertainment tool for anyone. You cannot just play bingo tournaments on this app but also sync your progress anywhere that you play!

Lucky Slots

Lucky Slots - Facebook Casino Game App

Play in Facebook

The one casino game app that has taken everybody by surprise is the lucky slots on Facebook. It is bound to make you spellbound and mesmerized with its dozens of exciting slot games. With regular updates and addition of new games frequently, lucky slots is the most marvelous and fun form of casino gaming experience.

If you love the casino games and want to experience the live world casino feeling then you should definitely try the lucky slots games. You can play on the finest of slot machines and mini games that offer not just hours of entertainment but also the best of visual appeal by its great graphics. Unveil the fun and excitement through the lucky slots casino game apps.

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