Burn the Rope Worlds – a new game for iPhone users

Burn the Rope Worlds is the latest version and sequel of the most popular game, Burn the Rope that was developed by the Big Blue Bubble.

Users can now get a new experience by the roper burning puzzles when compared to its former version, Burn the Rope. The main goal of the game is to burn the rope to maximum extent without letting flames to burnout.

Burn the rope worlds game

The App has come with 100 new puzzles and four worlds that every user must play through includes Jungle, Fantasy, Mechanical and Space.  Players must burnout at-least 60% of the roper to acquire a bronze medal and move forward in the game. Every level has different colored rope and different rope formation to make the game more interesting for all the players.

Burn the rope worlds

One great feature of the game is its Endless mode. It is a new kind of mini game introduced in the latest version where very players tries to collect bugs and it features 3 different levels of the game so that every player can use their skill set to have more fun.

Latest features of the App includes:

  • 100 new levels in the game along with daily puzzles
  • Four new world
  • Provides incredible fun with the endless burn, a new mini game
  • Daily updates of new puzzles

Download the iphone version of the Burn the Rope Worlds at https://itunes.apple.com/app/id449606608.


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