1Password 4 has Arrived On Mac

The folks behind 1Password app for Mac, have revamped the app with a lot new features. In fact, the update includes several new capabilities that has now outstripped the iOS version in features. This is definitely a massive release with an overhauled interface, browser extensions, and many more.


Firstly, the new version brings a completely overhauled interface in preparation for the forthcoming OS X Mavericks launch. The entire app has been developed from scratch, eliminating the ‘shelf’ visual style in the former versions and adopting a list of saved items, similar to the iOS version.

The update brings more than 90 new features to the app. Here are some of the major ones:

  • Completely modernized interface.
  • Ability to create multiple vaults.
  • 256-bit authenticated encryption.
  • WiFi and iCloud synchronization.
  • 1Password mini menu bar utility.
  • The app’s browser extension now supports the Opera browser.

Users are now allowed to set up several password vaults and share them with their buddies. Users can also even individual items through iMessage or email.


1Password mini is a good addition for the Mac’s menu bar. It offers a simplified way to search your item details, vaults and many more without having to fire up the app.

Whereas the browser extension has gone native with this launch, and provides a much polished experience. Currently, the browser extension is compatible with browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

1Password app

Users can grab the today’s update for absolutely free if they are existing users of Mac App Store version. Given is a list of breakdown on other pricing options:

  • You can grab the update for free if you have purchased the app via Mac App Store or AgileBits official website in the year 2013
  • If you are downloading the app for the first time, you can grab the app for special introductory price of $39.99 (this is valid on both AgileBits website and Mac App Store).
  • Those who have purchased the app before 2013 will have to spend $24.99 to grab the update from AgileBits website.

Once the introductory session ends, you will have to spend $49.99 to grab the app, and $34.99 to grab the full upgrade.

1Password download link from Mac App Store

1Password download link from AgileBits website

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