ClicThru App for Mac users to convert their static design ideas in to demo site

ClicThru, a Mac App from Sleekbitz Inc will allow the inexperienced graphical designers to import test design, develop a temporary site and test it on any browser before sending it to the client.

The App lets you to import images created using the design tools. The prime task of the user is to add pages on the site and then tap the compose button to add more links, buttons and information to design.

CilcThru App

Button creator is the key tool in ClicThru App that aids users in linking pages of the design to make it act like a real demo site. On clicking the inspector button present within the App, a dialog box for settings get opened, using which you can change the background color and add transition while navigating between the pages.

A single tap on document settings window will allow you to insert buttons and other content with coordinates on the design.

CilcThru Mac App

Once you’re done with creating buttons and two or more pop-menus, you can now start linking them together. In general, its bit difficult as it requires code to establish links between the pages, but using CilcThru will make the linking process easier. Users must just tap the select tool and drift on the button that you have added recently to connect two pages.

Visit the link to download this stunning Mac App.

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